Hi! I'm Caroline

New Media Production

Coming into this class I was not sure what to expect, and the first week or so was incredibly daunting; however, this class has challenged me in the best way. I have been frustrated to the point of tears, I have had tons of fun letting my creativity flow, and now I can implement what I have learned into my full-time career. These past three and a half weeks have confirmed what I was seeking when I was looking at Masters programs that would allow me to grow in my career field.


New Media Design

I have throughly enjoyed this course over the past four weeks! It allowed me to dive more into the Adobe world that I didn't know about or haven't used since I was in undergrad. Through this class I have been able to stretch my abilities in design by learning Adobe XD, a program I had never used before, and refresh my Photoshop knowledge while brushing up on my photograpy skills. I have enjoyed the teamwork and group projects in this class more than I thought I would because I am able to get to know my peers better since I can't take classes in person with them. Overall, this class has been a lot of fun and it has allowed me to learn skills that I can carry throughout the EMO program as well as apply to my full-time job.


  • Project 1: Tools & Theory Web Design
  • The first project in New Media Design introduced me to Adobe XD as well as refreshing my Adobe Illustrator knowledge. For this project I created a website with a client-partner. Throughout the process we collaborated on website layout, logos, products, and the overall aspect of what she wanted her dog bandana business to look like.

  • Project 2: Postcards from the Edge
  • The second project for this class allowed me to refresh what I already knew, but I also was able learn more about photograpy and typography. For this project I took photographs, using what we learned about the four pillars of photography, of two different places in my town to create my postcards. The landscape postcard is a photograph of Lake Hickory, and the portrait postcard is of my church that is an icon in the Hickory community.

  • Project 3: Team Branding Project
  • The final project for this class was a team effort to create a brand and use what we have learned in this class to create a website that was compatible with the web as well as a mobile device, a supplemental app, promotional items, three personas, and a style guide. We chose to create a small specialty cookie store called Island Cookie Co. based in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Use the links below to view our work!

  • Website
    Promotional Items
    Supplemental App

Advanced New Media Production

Going into this class I was nervous because New Media Production was a struggle for me over the summer, but after having two classes of coding I definitely feel a little more comfortable with it. Eventhough I'm not the greatest at coding, this course has taught me a lot about web development, JSON, JavaScript, and I enjoyed getting to learn everything over semester. Below you can find a few of my favorite projects from the semester.

Assignments & Projects

  • Midterm Project: FRIENDS Quiz
  • This project was used for my midterm, and I created a quiz based on the show FRIENDS. This project was pretty challenging for me because I wanted to use an API to produce questions, but I wasn't able to find one; therefore, I had to create the questions on my own.

  • Project 6: Cat Components
  • This project was an extension on the Cat API assignment. I pulled information from the Cat API to create a slideshow and display information of five different cat breeds.

  • Final Project: Caroline Paige Bridal
  • For the final project I chose to create a storefront website for a bridal boutique by using WordPress, and incorporating a couple of plug-ins on the website.

Rich Media Production

This class was a challenge to say the least, and it was personally my hardest class of the semester because of being online and not in the classroom. I faced many challenges with XCode, but by the end of the semester I was able to better understand the program and app development. Below, you can find a few of my favorite assignments from the semester.

Assignments & Projects

  • Jukebox Assignment Taylor Swift's Greatest Hits
  • This assignment was one of my favorite of the semester. I was able to incorporate one of my favorite musical artists into what we were learning. At first I had trouble getting the music to play when it was imported into XCode, but after talking with classmates I was able to create an assignment I was proud of.

  • Midterm Project Welcome to London
  • The midterm project was a lot of fun because I got to create an app based on a city I lived in for 2 months. For this project I wanted to create an app that potential travelers could use in London. My biggest challenge with this project came from making the restaurant names fit on one line. Overall, I think it turned out great!

  • Final Project Adventure Awaits
  • The final project was the most fun assignment, but was also the most challenging. I chose to incorporate a tinder like portion in the app, and that was a lesson in the workbook that I chose to learn on my own and really enjoyed. In the end, I created a project that I would use to decide where to travel next.

Emerging Media Project Management

Starting this semester I was excited but overwhelmed with what this class laid out in the syllabus; however, I quickly realized how much I enjoy Project Managment. During this class I was able to learn different types of project managment, how to effectively work with a "sprint" team, and expand upon my design and prototyping skills.

Assignments & Projects

  • Agile Methodologies
  • This assignment allowed me to learn the different types of project management and then focus on Scrum specifically for the project.

  • Sprint
  • This project was such a fun process and really showed me how much I enjoy working with a sprint team. With the team we were able to quickly walk through and prototype an update that could be beneficial to Netflix.

  • The One Project
  • The One Project was the kick-off to the Capstone year process. It made graduation seem very real and not so far away. I enjoyed working with my team to figure out and research potential products that we will work on for the next two semesters together.

Emerging Media Project Design

Emerging Media Design increased my knowledge of graphic design, AdobeXD, and creating prototypes. Throughout the semester I enjoyed learning more about frameworks, personas, and the important role they play in product development. I was able to use everything I learned in my final project where I created an app that helped plan and budget for travelling.

Assignments & Projects

  • Customer Experienece Journey Map
  • This assignment gave me the opportunity to learn what a Customer Experinece Journey Map is and how it effects product development.

  • Customer Persona
  • This assignment gave me insight into Customer Personas and the role they play in product development. They really help with definining the user and audience that the product aims to be used by.

  • Protoype: adventureNow Travel Planner
  • This project allowed me to explore AdobeXD a little further while also developing my skillset within the program by creating a usable protoype.

  • adventureNow Travel Planner
  • The Medium journal chronicals my journey through creating my protype, the customer journey, and persona. I enjoyed being able to put my thoughts and product all in one place.

Emerging Media Project Strategy

This course furtherd my understading of protoyping, the importance of user research, and usability testing.

Assignments & Projects

  • User Research
  • For this project, my Capstone group conducted user research to get a better understanding of the goals we needed to accomplish for our Capstone project, L Driftwood Designs. By creating a survey, we were able to determine the demographics of people who would use L Driftwood Designs, narrow down what features people find important when shopping for custom artwork that our site will offer, and provided insight on difficulties and frustrations that people experience while online shopping.

  • Design System
  • The Design System was created to showcase L Driftwood Designs brand and where the brand is likely to be used. In the Design System guide you can find logos, color palettes, typography, and the uses for each of those componenets.

  • UXRP
  • The User Experience Research Plan is a plan the my Capstone group developed for future user experience testing during the next phase of our Capstone Project.

Emerging Media Project Workshop

This class has been one where being flexible is key. When my group was met with some challenges in the beggining regarding our Capstone Project, we neeeded to go back to the drawing board in order to move forward in the process. Another aspect of this class really implented the importance of project management in order to meet specific deadlines with the course and communication with our client.Overall, this has been an enjoyable learning process, and my group and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish with and for our client.

L Driftwood Designs

  • View Capstone Project

  • Emerging Media Capstone

    This final semester has been spent putting the final touches on our year long project. Throughout this process we have learned to be better communicators with our client, be flexible, and to communicate well with teammates. Use the link below to read more about the Capstone process this semester!

  • Capstone Case Study