Hi! I'm Caroline

Emerging Media Summary

I have always wanted to get my Masters degree, but I was never sure what I wanted it to be in. I knew that I wanted it to be worthwhile, expanded on what I did in undergrad, and something that I loved. I searched periodically for 5 years after graduating from Appalachian State University to find something, and never felt confident enough to apply until I found the Emerging Media program at UGA. Starting out, I wasn't sure if I was in over my head, but after the summer semester I'm more excited than ever to continue this program for the next two years. I know the information I learn in the EMO program will benefit not only my future career, but also my current full-time job as a Communications Specialist.

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Capstone Project

The purpose of L Driftwood Designs’ website creation is to help the company grow its digital platforms. L Driftwood Design’s website should give users a positive user experience to quickly and efficiently find the artwork/home decor they need.


The Capstone Journey was already met with a few hiccups.During the Project Management course I was able to learn just how important ideation was for this project, and any other projects in my future career. While in that course, I worked with my Capstone group to develop three ideas to present and narrow down to one final working project. Working with my partners, we have developed 3 ideas that we will work to narrow down to decide on our final project. After some evalation and expert advice, we, as a group, realized that none of our current ideas were feasible given our skill set and strengths. After some discussion, we were able to move forward with a client that needed help establishing a website.


During the Beta process, my Capstone group worked to make changes that were given to us by the client as well as our instructor. The most tedious challenge from Beta was eliminating the main color from the color palette that was originally chosen.After meeting to go over the Alpha we had created, Additionally, we needed to add more photogrpahs to provide a more insight on the artistic side of the website, we updated the ‘About’ section and the ‘Contact’ section. By making those changes, we were able to see the website even more built out than before. We do look to make additional changes one the User Research Testing has been conducted.